Nameplate has specific data of the electric motor

Every electric motor T2535173S has a kind of RG cm. The nameplate is simple, but it should contain specific information on the electric motor that are defined by regulation and not the information that the electric motor manufacturer deems it important to provide.

The electric motor nameplate must contain the name and / or trademark of the manufacturer; the main title of the equipment and its type; the standard number if the electric motor fit it; the model that the electric motor is given by a code created by the manufacturer to identify the electric motor in catalogs; the serial number and / or the manufacturing date code; the type of electric motor; the nominal frequency; the nominal rotational speed and the service factor.

All these characteristics indicated on the nameplate give guarantee to the purchaser of the electric motor.

Electric Motor Principle

The electric motor operating principle varies according to the type and model of this machine. The function is the same that is to make the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, but depending on the type of the internal function model is a little different and it varies according to this characteristic.

This engine was very evolving in recent years and today is one of the most suitable machines to be present in various sectors. All this has resulted in many cases they became more effective and at the same time more economical. So that the motor is as indicated as today.


There is little secret not run this engine and it follows the most common indicated. So much so that today is present in various sectors and the trend is that it is increasingly used, this contributed positively to the processes become more economical and effective.

What is an electric motor

The electric motor is nothing more than a machine responsible for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. For this, the engine uses a magnetic field conversion, and also use coils inside. Here we will see more about this machine that has always been considered one of the best in the market.

The engine has undergone many changes in recent years and was instrumental so he could be present in different segments of those initially present. Today we find this engine even in equipment that we use frequently in our day-to-day. An engine full of efficiency and economy. CDP3310

Now that you know what is the electric motor the next step is to imagine the warheads segments in which they are present. In addition to industries, quoted above they are also present in equipment we use in our routine, a good example would be sat appliances.

Factors to be considered before buying the electric motor

Before buying an electric motor is necessary to consider some crucial factors that will have interference in the use of the electric motor and those who purchase the electric motor pocket.

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The electric motor power supply is one of the factors to be analyzed. You will need to check whether the electric motor power supply is DC, AC, single phase, polyphase, voltage and frequency.

Another factor to be considered is directly related to the environmental conditions which the electric motor will be submitted as it may be aggressive, be installed in a location altitude or temperature ranging.

The requirements of the load and service conditions also influence and the requirements are related to output, speed, mechanical stresses and operating cycles. The consumption and maintenance vary according to economic interests, perspective the short and long term for the operation of the engine.

Finally, one must take into account the controllability item where they are analyzed the position, torque, speed and starting current.

Electric motor inspection

The correct inspection of the electric motor VEM3545 allows the detection of flaws or defects on that machine. Why it is indicated periodic inspection to avoid any problem. Currently Recent ask can be done even by employees who work with electric motors.

Everything will depend on how the company works. The electric motor is still responsible for turning day into electrical mechanical energy, regardless of what your model of the table functionality. The evolution of the engines was significant but did not change the way it gives effective results.

Making a periodic inspection can detect faults before it can compromise the performance of the process or even operating a product, as where the engine is located. Worth doing this inspection to prevent any mishaps. And companies are already working on it in order to assured the proper functioning of these machines. It’s definitely the best decision to take.

When did the electric motor

The emergence of the electric motor was given at the time of the industrial revolution. That time was actually responsible for major breakthroughs and so got its name. Electric motor is initially simple equipment, but that the studies provided the same developments. PS0509NGY

With time the electric motor is being implemented in different segments according to the different types of models he gained. From the beginning the great operation of this motor to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Today an electric motor operating principle uses coils to its transformation to mechanical energy. You the engine is being used in elevator cars vessels sampling gates and a variety of segments.

Initially it was only used in industrial processes, but, as mentioned, studies have improved the ways of using these engines. The emergence of these engines was very important because it allowed the advancement in the industrial sector.

Electric motor applied in household appliances

After the electric motor just came out of the industrial part, it began to be implemented in other segments. All this was due to studies and improvement of this engine, today it can be used for different purposes, here we will see about the household appliances. CS6369 hubbell wiring

When we use the household appliance we forget to ask ourselves how it works and how it was created. The operating base of most household appliances is made with the use of an electric motor.

For the device to function it needs mechanical energy and who provides that energy is the electricmotor. Electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and provide working to household equipment.

An example is the microwave, mixers, blenders, refrigerators, among many other appliances we have at home. They are various applications because the engine is economical and effective, so it is gaining more space and different applications.

Electric motor should receive optimal load for the work that has to be done

The way the electric motor receives power is classified as: nominal torque (Cn) or the rated speed (Nn) olp f7925 reelcraft 2015. It is common to suffer electric motor with electrical losses and also heat losses and this variation in the loss is determined by resistive torque which is nothing more than the load.

In a well-defined dimensions engine, the resistive load should be much smaller than the load classified as nominal. If on the other electric motor rated load is lower or higher, the warming that will result in the engine will be classified as considerable. However, if necessary attention because an electric motor that is too loaded can cause your income is impaired.

Although not easy to determine the load being placed on the electric motor should be that ideal to the work that the electric motor has to perform. The electric motor rated individual, usually tend to spend less than the electric motor that makes multiple transmissions.

Construction of the electric motor is based

The electric motor is nothing more than a device that function by direct current or alternating and which aims to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy or electricity.

Fans, appliances, automobiles are some of the examples of devices that can rely on electric motors.

The construction of an electric motor is based on the idea of ​​physical force of magnetism to move objects and it is through magnets that can attract or repel. The electricity in the electric motor is used to create magnetic fields that are contrary to each other Coxreels SH-N-375 and cause the rotor to rotate. Also within the rotor coil that is opposite magnetic field is the static part of the engine.

Here, the magnetic field cause the permanent magnets and the repelling action allow the rotor starts to rotate.

The motor mechanism does not stop when the poles are aligned as to the Rotor keep moving, the polarity of the electro magnet must be reversed and this causes the electric motor is set.